Xiaomi Mi 8 User Manual PDF

Xiaomi Mi 8 User Manual PDF

Xiaomi Mi 8 manual – Xiaomi ensure immediately launched Xiaomi Mi 8, as reported Antara, Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

This confirms previous rumors that mentioned that Xiaomi will skip numbering for its newest products, from Mi 7 be Mi 8.

Offered from GSM Arena, the information is confirmed by the social networking account Xiaomi Weibo, which also explains that these phones will debut on May 31.

The leap from 6 to 8 Mi Mi is to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Xiaomi, and also matches the last digit of the year for a more memorable.

Leakage before mentioning that Mi 8 6.01 inches screen will have with the width of the notch will have internal 3D sensor to unlock face.

Xiaomi Mi 8 will be provided with a chipset Snapdragon 845, and reportedly will be sold around CNY 2,799-CNY 3,199 for a high-end version with 8 GB RAM and ROM 128 GB.

That picture also reveals that mobile phones will have screen 6.01 inches and 3D face recognition, similar to the Face ID applied by Apple in the iPhone X Chipset. Snapdragon 845, is already confirmed in December by CEO Lei Jun in Xiaomi Qualcomm’s Conference.

Xiaomi completes Noodle 8 with double camera technology that recognizes over 200 scenes, including 12 different portrait mode on Xiaomi Mi 6X months ago. A video also indicates that mobile phones may present with a fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the screen.

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