Google Pixel 3 XL User Manual PDF

Google Pixel 3 XL User Manual PDF

Google Pixel 3 XL reviews – Small frame form of notch fever that protrudes into the screen at the top Google hit as it joined Android smartphone series and owner of the Pixel.

In the leaked photo Pixel 3 XL that circulated this week, it appears that the smartphone really have bangs as the previous one had rumor.

Notch in the XL looks a bit 3 Pixels high, with two similar spherical field camera bracket earpiece. It therefore appears that Pixel 3 XL has front camera doubles or some sort of additional sensor for face recognition.

Opposite the upper side that looked more thin-framed thanks to application of bangs, bottom of the frame in Pixels 3 XL in the leaked photos thus seem thick so this phone still cannot be called “minimal frame”.

From the back side, Pixel 3 XL look similar to Pixel 2 XL before, still with a single camera perched on the back. Different from the notch, Google presumably is not disturbed by the trend of dual-camera on the market.

As for the weird logo on back of Pixel 3 XL was probably the marker while only and will be replaced with Google’s “G” logo on the final device later.

As quote from GSM Arena, Sunday (10/6/2018), Googel Pixel 3 XL powered chip Snapdragon 845, with 4 GB of RAM and a 128 GB of storage.

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