Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 User Manual PDF

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 User Manual PDF

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 reviews – After Mi 8 and Mi Max 3, awaited mobile Mi Fans next. Yes, Mi Mix 3, the mobile phone may design Xiaomi presented this year.

As is known, Xiaomi releasing Mi Mix 2 by September 2017 and then, so it made sense when the successor to the re-launched in the same month this year.

As the successor of Mi Mix 2, which is Mi Mix 3 expected to arrive later this year is expected to appear with design better. Likewise with its specifications that also will be a little better.

Xiaomi Mi Mix indeed famous thin bezel design, including the Chin or areas that are under the screen that also narrows.

To Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, based on the sketches circulated this phone will perform with narrower chins, and it appears that it will also carry the camera pop-up selfie as adopted by vivo NEX.

In addition, there is a leakage of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 also rumor would have exclusive AI button located in the left side.

Because of allegedly would perform with front camera pop-up, Mi Mix 3 rumored to design on model camera pop-up Edition will also feature an LED flash to selfie. Well, except that, Mi Mix 3 estimated would also adopt the fingerprint sensor on the screen.

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