Keurig K-Select User Guide PDF

Keurig K-Select reviews – K-select include a one-year limited warranty for normal home use. The design is quite nice as well and will fit any kitchen.

K-select has all the basic options you need. Auto-off automatically turn off the brewer two hours after Your last drink and can be disabled if you don’t need this option.

To make coffee, lift the handle, insert a k-cup of your choice, cover and choose the size of your cup. If you want to use the option of strong Brew, press the brew strength and then press the desired cup size.

Button placed above for easy control coffee. In addition to the standard size cup and 6.8 10 ounces, there’s also the atmosphere of the Cup 12 oz and strong Brew of choice.

available user guide Keurig K-Select download

Keurig K-Select User Guide pdf Download