Samsung Galaxy Fold (SM-F9000) User Manual

Samsung Galaxy Fold reviews – Some time ago, Samsung announced it will hold an event entitled “Galaxy Unpacked 2019 ” which will take place next February 20 in San Faransisco, United States.

Embedded figures “10 ‘s” in a seems the announcement ensures that South Korean vendors, this will release date the Galaxy S10.

Later appeared a clue that Galaxy S10 is not the only device that will be unveiled at the event.

The instructions can be viewed from large folding billboards installed Samsung in some locations in the city of Paris, France, including public areas of the famous Place de la Concorde.

Billboard advertising giant charged a number of characters in Hangul (Korea script) thick letters. This means that in a language more or less United Kingdom “The future unfolds (the future stretches) “.

The term “fold ” alias’s “fold ” here may be a play on words of the nature of the folding cell phone screen can be bent and stretched.

Prototypes of the device had exhibited in the show Samsung developer conference in November 2018 then, but when it has not been much revealed reserved phone fold.

Reserved his own name is still unknown. There is speculation that Samsung would fold mobile phone named “Fold” Galaxy, “Galaxy F “, or ” Fold “.

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