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Sony Xperia 1 reviews – Sony continues the tradition to release a new smartphone at MWC, and this time the smartphone was introduced was the Sony Xperia 1. This is the flagship smartphone from Sony which is a suksesor of the Xperia XZ3 releases last year.

Let’s discuss all aspects of this new smartphone, the report alerts you of Phone Arena of MWC 2019.

Design and the display

Sony returns to the era a few years ago with the release of smartphone box with emphasis on aspects of simplicity and elegansi. The back of the Xperia 1 also has left arch that was previously owned by XZ2 XZ3 and. However, the glass panel in the back of the body is curved in the direction at the ends for a more steady grip.

Fingerprint scanner finally returned to a position typical of Xperia i.e. power button on the right.

The first impression of this smartphone is high. This occurs because the screen size is 6.5 inches with 21:9 aspect ratio suitable for watching video content utilized cinema style movies.

The xperia 1 carrying the OLED screen with a resolution of 4K or 1.664 x3840 that easily serves extra sharp images. There are gradations of tone colours also feature 10 bit color representations that are far more subtle and similar to the original.


At the hardware, the Xperia 1 are in the ranks of the flagship 2019 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 combined with 6 GB of RAM.

The kitchen of this runway is supported by a battery of 3300 mAh feels small with comparisons from lots of smartphones now have a standard battery giant.

In addition to the hardware is problem stereo speakers are now designed more good. Sony employ Dolby Atmos to develop speakers are capable of producing sound “multi-dimensional ” at a Xperia 1.


The xperia 1 now has three cameras that consists of a regular camera, wide-angle, telephoto as well. Sony’s BIONZ algorithm X pin called able to get quick and accurate focus and stay focused despite doing photo burst in 10 photos per second.

The third sensor has a 12MP resolution, out of the habit of the Xperia camera with a resolution of sensors pinned ‘ excess ‘. Its main camera has a size of pixels, 1.4 nanometers and lens aperture f 1.6. It has certainly increased the light coming into the sensor and make it good in conditions less light.

For video, there is a feature named cinematographer reliable Cinema Pro who can set up a row of cinematic style presets with format 4K HDR, 24 fps, as well as the ratio of the width of the 21:9. Moreover, this camera will be very stable system with optical and digital hybridisation.

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