Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus User Manual PDF

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus User Manual PDF

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus manual – If reasonable when each release of the latest version of mobile consumers want to get a refresh of the display. Because that’s when it started appearing leakage Galaxy S9 or S9+, some a little disappointed because this phone looks don’t bring a change from his predecessor.

And indeed when the Galaxy S8+ and S9+ aligned the front section, it might be a little difficult to distinguish the two. When in fact Samsung has cut the size of the top and bottom of the bezel Galaxy S9+.

It was only when reversed, we will know there is a difference of both phones it. Yes, the Galaxy S9+ have two cameras and fingerprint position has changed.

This fingerprint is blessed layout decisions. Because while using the Galaxy S8+, finger like the wrong touch. His intention to want to fingerprint sensors, even landing on the surface of the camera.

Samsung presents to bring new color variants, Lilac Purple, in duo Galaxy S9. Heaven knows what the secret is, South Korea origin vendors managed to make purple color that is not tacky and memorable premium. The actress Dian Sastro fell in love just to see it, let alone the US. Lilac is indeed seductive eyes.

When gripped, Galaxy S9+ stay comfortable and sturdy gripped despite the larger body. Does not feel slippery although body behind the glass and had a metal frame.

Fast Performance

Samsung Galaxy S9+ with qualified spec. Exynos 9810 wear processors and RAM 6 GB. This combination makes this mobile phone firm performance on all sides.

Talk battery, its capacity is not much different from its predecessor. The time of regular use, the condition of the battery can last up to 12 hours. Another story if used to play games, make a video slow motion and streaming video, while lunch has to be recharged again. But luckily Galaxy S9+ support fast charging.

Cinema in the hands

Admittedly the Galaxy S9 + have the best screen for now. No needs to use score A + DisplayMate given that results benchmark acknowledged. Pandangi just enough Super AMOLED screen with 6.2 inch stretch and a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels.

But be careful, this phone supports HDR (High Dynamic Range). When you play a video on HDR, the eyes are truly pampered with sharp color and very detailed images.

Well the danger when then staring at the screen quality is below the Galaxy S9+, would feel nothing less. Like already accustomed to seeing video on DVD, then returned to watch VCD, communicate it feels?

To enjoy the content of HDR is not difficult. YouTube provides a lot of videos that support the format. If you want more content, you can enjoy movies HDR in a number of video on demand services such as Netflix.

Enjoy the entertainment in Galaxy S9+ feels satisfying thanks to two stereo speakers that support Dolby Atmos. As is known Dolby Atmos is a lot of sound system was applied to a number of theaters in the country. Not only presents the effect of surround sound, but gives the sensation of living. As if we were in it.

So with the combination of the Super AMOLED screen which supports HDR and dual stereo speakers that support Dolby cinema sensation presents Atmos in grips.

The moment the more Epic following the footsteps of Galaxy Note 8, Samsung apply camera detectors in the Galaxy S9+ to the size respectively 12 MP. However, the existence of a dual camera it seems ordinary things already, because later on so many vendors who apply it.

Factors that make camera Galaxy S9+ exceptional is the existence of a dual optical image stabilization (OIS), dual pixel and two aperture is f/1.5 and f/2.4. This last feature is first applied on the smartphone’s camera.

When you use Auto mode, we did not realize the transfer of aperture. But if seen diagfragma openings, there are differences on the camera lens when photographing in low light conditions and light. It was only if the Pro mode, we can choose the aperture manually.

One of the exciting features provided Samsung on this phone is slow motion. Indeed this is not something new to the smartphone’s camera, but the ability of 960 fps in 720 p resolution makes a difference far enough.

But unlike the slow motion mode on other smartphones, Galaxy S9+ can not set the time range. This sometimes makes us skip record unexpected moments.

In addition, this mode is less capable of use in less light conditions. This problem, Samsung already tell since this phone is introduced.

In spite of it all, the result of slow motion Galaxy S9+ worth a thumbs up. The video is so dramatic and epic. Samsung provides the option of Reverse loops, and Swing. As a result the video content more interesting again. The following example of the slow motion of the Galaxy S9+.

A New Feature

Animoji replied that it was an Apple on the iPhone X, Samsung giving AR Emoji. Use it easy, the result is quite okay. Pull it again, not like the Animoji, we can send Emoji application to various AR message.

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