LG V35 ThinQ User Manual PDF

LG V35 ThinQ User Manual PDF

LG V35 ThinQ manual – The successor to the LG ThinQ V30 launched last February and has a number of features of this AI will be with 6 inch screen resolution of 1440 x 2800 + QHD pixels. This Smartphone also uses OLED panel on screen, and not a POLED, as used on the first generation V30 LG.

In addition, unlike the LG G7 ThinQ that will soon launch smartphone, it is estimated that it will not carry the screen design bangs.


Therefore, the device is also expected to carry the similar design V30 and V30S ThinkQ, and brings the ratio of screen-to-80 percent of the body.


Smartphones will also be armed with a double rear camera, with the support of the sensor resolution 16MP + 16MP and aperture f/1.6. In addition, a number of camera mode is also prepared to support this phone, including Super Bright Mode, claimed to be able to improve the quality of the pictures in Dim lighting.

LG ThinQ V35 also called will be provided natively support for Google’s Lens and a new feature called AI Cam. Both the camera and its features is estimated to be available on LG G7 ThinQ. Along with this new camera experience, LG V35 ThinQ also equip also features supporting better audio experience.

The user is also treated to the filter setting and adjustment options sound appropriate preferences, as well as 32-bit audio technology Hi-Fi Quad DAC available on previous devices. LG V35 ThinQ will come technology long distance voice identifier with a maximum distance of 5.2 m, a similar technology that will also support the G7 ThinQ.

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