Blackberry Ghost User Manual PDF

Blackberry Ghost User Manual PDF

Blackberry Ghost reviews – Based on GSM Arena, page 27 February 2018, the device will install the screen bezel-less premium. The screen is not as plugged in the iPhone X thus more similar to other recent Android phones.

No other information about this device, but BlackBerry Ghost has a black color. And note that the device will be designed and produced by Optiemus Infracom which is one of the three licensees BlackBerry.

Optiemus Infracom had previously handled the marketing, sales, distribution and support for BlackBerry KeyONE last year in India. Given the licensees were from India, it appears that the Ghost would be BlackBerry device exclusive to the India market.

In addition, the phone will also be equipped with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh. It is, however, if it is true it is, will make it into the BlackBerry smartphone with the largest-capacity battery, the same BlackBerry Motion.

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