LG V40 ThinQ User Manual PDF

LG V40 ThinQ reviews – Though it would be barreling officially on October 3, 2018, LG has provided some teaser about its newest product LG ThinQ V40.

Reported by Engadget, Thursday from the page (27/9/2018), the latest handsets from the V series will bring a 5 camera features, is 3 camera back and 2 front camera.

Then, LG also confirms if your phone has a 6.4-inch screen size and focusing on the feel of the glass frame. In addition, the device is combined with a sleek and lightweight design is slightly similar to the V30 cell phone was released last year, but have a smaller frame.

LG claims to combine to make the phone easier and more comfortable to use with one hand.

But unfortunately its internal side of the original company, South Korea is not yet give details officially. In addition, some photos and a video circulating of yet shows the front of the phone.

manual guide LG V40 ThinQ download

LG V40 ThinQ user’s manual pdf Download