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Apple Watch 5 Series reviews – Apple has revealed that the company has big plans for the health service this year. Apparently, the giant manufacturer of iPhone it is beginning to realize his plans via smart watches the latest device, Apple Watch Series 5.

Reported by, Saturday (19/1/2019), Apple Watch more sophisticated than traditional watches, even expected to help save the lives of its users. The latest Apple Watch Series 5 claimed to have a more advanced technology, is detecting a stroke before the attack occurred.

According to a report of the USA Today, Apple has collaborated with Johnson & Johnson in a study to determine whether the latest Apple Watch, along with the application of the pharmaceutical companies, the main cause of the diagnosis may speed up stroke.

This study will use the EKG that is embedded in the Apple Watch Series 4 to detect Atrial fibrillation (AFib). According to the American Heart Association, “all kinds of AFib can increase the risk of stroke. Even if you have no symptoms at all, you are almost five times more likely to experience stroke than someone who does not have atrial fibrillation “.

Trial, which begins later this year, was limited to adults in the U.S., ages 65 years and over who use Apple Watch Series 4.

Cardiologist Paul Burton, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Johnson Johnson & for diseases in believe, “this research shows that there are potentially more fibrillation atrial out there in the real world on parents than we ever imagine, and if you use a tool like Apple Watch to detect and transmit person to care, you really can lower the risk of stroke in these patients “.

The ability to detect stroke will certainly add to the ‘ weapons ‘ for Apple Watch in the future.

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