Huawei P30 Guide Manual

Huawei P30 reviews – Flagship P series of Huawei is rumored to be release soon, and detailed reports are reserved specification also appears. And called, P30 will again rely on sectors of the camera.

PhoneArena alerts you that quote old China named, Huawei P30 will brings OLED display panel as the previous generation P20. But this time, the screen will resemble the Mate called 20 Pro brings the curved side. Later, the span screen P30 Pro will of 6.5 inches that resemble the iPhone XS Max.

Reserved camera, Huawei will adapt the camera with impressive features belonging to Mate 20 Pro, with the main camera, combined with 40MP camera telefoto and wide angle each 8MP and 20MP.

P30 Pro rumor will brings its 4 camera with one additional camera sensor in the form of Time-of-Flight, which also rumor will appear on your iPhone 2019 and Samsung S10 5G also. If true, the implementation of these sensors will make a better digital bokeh and also various features relating to AR.

Reserved processors, P30 will carry the Kirin technology built in 980 7 nanometers and compete with Snapdragon 855 and A12 Bionic.

But the special is the amount of RAM on the model Pro called P30 Pro will carry 12 GB. While in Regular P30, there are only 8 GB of RAM.

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Huawei P30 user’s manual Download