Samsung Galaxy S10e Manual Guide

Samsung Galaxy S10e reviews – Based on the official site of Samsung France, Galaxy S10 cheapest variant will carry the name of Galaxy S10e, written with the letter’s “e’small”.

Two variants of the rest, still the same, is Galaxy 10 and Galaxy S10 Plus the highest model among the three.

Fortunately, the GSM Arena, as auto summary, Thursday (14/2/2019), get (screenshot) screen, as shown in the following figure.

Samsung itself is known to have set up this flagship smartphone launch on March 6, 2019 and begins marketed March 15, 2019. However, the original manufacturer of the South Korea it will be introduced to the public on February 20, in San Francisco, the United States and can already pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S10 also Samsung Galaxy S10e.

Quoted from, the price of the cheapest variant of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 in India starts from 50 thousand rupees. As for the basic version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 appreciated 65 thousand rupees. While the highest variant, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus valued started 75 thousand rupees. Interestingly, this model from there will be versions that cost higher.

user manualĀ Samsung Galaxy S10e download

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