Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Support Manual

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 reviews – Xiaomi finally released the next generation of gaming line is Black Shark 2. This smartphone was released in China following the success of the Black Shark Black Shark and Helo, released last year.

A matter of design, actually not a lot of changes from the previous generation. Aspects such as corners firmly and RGB logo still embedded in the Black Shark 2.

The difference is, now the Black Shark 2 brings the 6.39 inches AMOLED display with a resolution of Full HD+, in which embedded fingerprint sensor. Xiaomi claims that fingerprint scanner screen in Black Shark 2 is the lowest with 43.5 latensy milliseconds.

There are stereo speakers on the top and bottom of the screen, as well as the front camera 20MP. Behind the camera, there’s a 48MP camera telefoto combined amounted to 12MP.

Reserved, arranged the smartphone gaming has some changes. First, there are the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 855 with 6 GB RAM, 8 GB, or 12 GB!

Second, there is a new cooling system that uses two layers of vapor channels. The first layer is used to prevent the heat while playing a game, and the second to prevent heat when smartphone charger while used to play.

4,000 mAh battery, which now supports fast charging a 27W in 5 minutes cas can be used to play 30 minutes.

The following details of the price of the Black Shark 2.

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 6 GB/128 GB: 3,199 yuan
Xiaomi Black Shark 2 8 GB/128 GB: 3,499 yuan
Xiaomi Black Shark 2 8 GB/256 GB: 3,799 yuan
Xiaomi Black Shark 2 12 GB/256 GB: 4,199 yuan

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